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be an expert and become a Healthy cooking instructor

What would it mean to live your dream? How about becoming a Healthy Cooking Instructor? Is this a dream you have?

You'll probably say to your self "AMAZING" but I'm not sure if I could be a Healthy Cooking Teacher...

I know exactly how it feels.

You always wonder:

  • How am I going to teach a cooking class?
  • Am I going to be a good teacher?
  • Would anyone join my class and pay for it? 

When it comes to food, I have this unrelenting pursuit to create simple, easy, and healthy recipes. When I was a little girl I remember picking the flowers from my grandma's garden and pretended they're my ingredients. 

I discover that when you have something that constantly nagging you to go after it - it's that dream that won't go away. It's always pointing you in the direction you meant to be.

This is not an accident at all. In spite of your fears and doubts, there are questions that will always reveal the true path of creating an amazing business you meant to have. A business that will make a difference in the world. 

So are you ready to find out the answers to these urging questions? 

Become a Healthy Cooking Teacher. Discover what you're meant to teach, gain confidence, and begin the journey of doing what you love to do! 


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Start living a vibrant life and discover a healthier family

If you find yourself wondering what's for dinner, and it's 5 pm, you probably failed to plan. You know the saying "fail to plan is planning to fail". This is so true! 

Meal planning is challenging but living a healthy lifestyle requires some level of planning. The rewards are worth the effort. You'll save time, money, and you'll be eating a lot healthier. By taking just a little bit of extra time to plan, you can make sure that you always have healthy food choices at your fingertips. 

In this program not only you'll learn to efficiently plan your meals but you'll also learn simple cooking techniques. You'll discover to eat a lot healthier by cooking your meals using different herbs and spices and enjoy the wonderful flavors. 

You'll also learn how to use your knife properly and discover different knife cuts. By learning these techniques you'll consistently have the result you're looking for when cooking your meals. You wouldn't cut your carrots into small dice when you want to cook a stew, they'll melt away. Or you wouldn't cut your potatoes into large dice when you want to make a chicken salad...

Gain the knowledge and discover a healthier family! 

You will learn:

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Module 1

Planning & Organizing

Remember the saying "Failing to plan is Planning to Fail". Module 1 you'll learn simple ways that can be easily implemented to have an organized kitchen. The first module gets your kitchen in tip-top shape for healthful and more enjoyable cooking and eating. You'll also learn knife skills and different knife cuts.  

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Module 2

Glorious Greens

In module 2 you'll learn the health benefits of dark leafy greens. We'll also cover the importance of adding whole grains, plus you'll learn to create healthy salad dressings and vinaigrettes. You'll also learn different vegetable cooking methods. 

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Module 3


Module 3 is about learning the different types of superfoods and their health benefits. Discover the benefits of drinking green smoothies, juices, and how to detox your body from all the junk. 

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Module 4

Seasonal Produce

Module 4 is learning about the locally grown produce that's in season. Learning why seasonal produce not only promote good health but also good for the environment. You'll also receive recipes using seasonal ingredients.  


Module 5

The key to better digestion

In module 5 we're covering gut health. Why you should love your gut and what are the foods that help maintain gut healthy flora. 

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Module 6

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Saving money is always a good thing. In module 6 we're going to cover 5 simple ways to eat healthy on a budget. You'll discover to meal prep for a week under $50. You'll receive grocery shopping list, quick, and easy recipes that won't break the bank. 

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Module 7

Healthy Snacks & Desserts

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be boring and it's not about eating salads every day. A healthy diet can be satisfying and delicious with lots of clean indulgences and good sweet treats. Module 7 is about learning how to make easy healthy snacks and desserts. 

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Module 8

Food & Gratitude

Module 8 is about Food and Grateful Heart. Change is what happens when we decide we no longer want to settle for how we feel and we are truly ready to make a lifestyle shift (no crazy diets, pills, potions or tricks). We have to decide full heartedly with all our being and make it a priority. 

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hi there nice to meet you!

My name is Jen,

I'm a mom of two wonderful girls. My friends call me Food Goddess and I appreciate that because for me working around good foods that nourish the body is an important part of healthy living.  I've been around good food all my life, In 2005 I established my own bakeshop but I had to give up the business, I realized that I was meant to do something greater than baking sugar and flour.

My dream of becoming a Healthy Cooking Instructor was always in the back of my mind until one day I decided to dive deeper into Health Coaching and I became a Health and Wellness Coach. I earned my certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And I'm  currently a student at the Wellness Cooking Academy. I'm also a Community Education Program Culinary Instructor.

I'd love to share some of what I've learned, both from my personal journey as well as from my education, experience, and mentors in the field of Health and Wellness. 

I'm motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. I'm confident in my ability to come up with interesting ideas for healthy cooking to help empower individuals with the skills that will help them boost their confidence when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. 

My clients love that they learn simple cooking techniques which help them reduce stress when planning their meals. They gain confidence working on healthy foods by learning how to create flavorful meals using different herbs and spices. They always tell me that the whole family now can enjoy homemade healthy meals, no more boxed dinners. 

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What you'll receive 

♦ 8 modules

♦ 32 Comprehensive Lessons

 32 Bonus handouts

♦ 16 Video Recipe Demonstrations

♦ Private Facebook Group

♦ Weekly Live Call Classes

♦ Business Materials and Resources for all your tech needs

♦ 10 Digital Recipe Cards

♦ 20 Social Media Posts

♦ 1 Opt-In ebook that can be easily customized

♦ Certification


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What You'll Receive

♦ 8 modules

♦ 32 Comprehensive Lessons

♦ 16 Video Recipe Demonstrations

♦ Private Facebook Group

♦ 32 Bonus Handouts

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Go Pro

 32 Comprehensive Lessons $400

 32 Bonus Handouts $200

 16 Video Recipe Demonstrations $400

 Business Materials $200

 10 Digital Recipe Cards $100

 20 Social Media Posts $100

 1 Opt-In eBook that can be easily customized  $50

 Facebook Private Group & Weekly Call - Priceless

 Certification - Priceless

Total value = $1,450

Today you'll only pay $597


 32 Comprehensive Lessons $400

 32 Bonus Handouts $200

 16 Video Recipe Demonstrations $400

 Facebook Private Group - Priceless

Total value = $1,000

Today you'll only pay $297

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Enroll for "Celebratory" Today! $297

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Here's what people say...

I love her mango sauce!

Here are some of my thoughts on your recipes and website. I absolutely love Jen's unique recipes! She has her own spin on classic recipes as well as creates dishes that I have never seen before. I've had the chance to make her fresh fruit with mango sauce and the parsley pesto. Again, both recipes have a unique twist to them and create a lot of flavors. I can tell you, I'm not normally a fan of pesto, but I love hers. I'd recommend Jen's eCookbook to anyone and everyone. She's passionate and extremely knowledgeable. 

- Will Turner

I definitely feel and look better!

Hi Jen! Since I've participated in your programs I definitely feel and look better. I stay active most of the week and make better choices when it comes to eating the right foods. The support is amazing and I love everyone's positive attitude towards one another. Thanks again! 

- Alex Rubio

I was diagnosed with breast cancer...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. I love joining Jen's Clean Eating Challenge because it motivates me to build good habits and I enjoy those delicious recipes. Most importantly, my blood pressure is now normal for the first time. According to my oncologist who I recently visited, that there's no more active cancer cell in my body. I'm sure that those healthy habits I learned from Jen's group had helped me recover. And by being aware of what I eat, it also helps prevent the cancer cells from coming back. I will continue to stay in the group and hope to encourage others to prioritize self-care. 

- Erlee Lara Bragg

Makes me excited to start cooking again!

Jen, I was just looking through your blog and my GOSH....you have sooo many cool recipes that make healthy living ENTICING. Makes me excited to start cooking again. Thanks for being so generous with your recipes. I Think I'm going to try the Chicken Taco Salad and Pineapple Cauliflower Fried Rice this week.

- Bosede Eyiema


I'll see you in the class!

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Enroll for "go pro" Today $597

By signing up for this program you agree to 

"The Terms and Conditions" 

Enroll for "Celebratory" Today! $297

By signing up for this program you agree to 

"The Terms and Conditions"